How Do I Obtain A Hydraulic License?

In Massachusetts, there are changes ahead for the moving and storage industry. Last week, we talked to you about the regulation for hydraulic licenses. We anticipate that more of you will need to obtain a hoisting license in order to remain compliant with the laws and regulations in MA.

Not sure what to do? We can help! We’ve already discussed the simple requirements for obtaining a hydraulic license. To recap:

• A current, valid driver’s license
• 18 years of age
• Specific certification forms and an application – obtainable from the Massachusetts Department of Public Safety and Security’s website:
• Successfully completing the written examination

The written examination is often the part that commercial drivers will fear the most. As with any vehicle, sometimes we can feel that knowing how to drive it and writing it all down on paper can be two entirely different things. We want to help ease your fears.

Let’s break down the requirements on the written examination for obtaining a hydraulic license.

You must:
1. Demonstrate the ability to operate the equipment
2. Demonstrate the ability to comprehend and interpret all placards, operators’ manuals, safety codes and other information related to safe hoisting operations
3. Demonstrate the ability to communicate in applicable language – signals or radio instructions included
4. Demonstrate knowledge of emergency procedures
5. Demonstrate knowledge of all Massachusetts general laws, state statutes and regulations

For hoisting, all the regulations can be found on the Massachusetts Public Safety website.

As part of our dedication to offering quality and affordable movers insurance throughout New England, Wolpert Insurance is committed to understanding all of your needs. Our expert agents can help you with any questions you may have about proper regulation and hoisting licensing. All you have to do is give us a call!