What Is A Mover Responsible For During Storage In Transit?

Oftentimes, during a move, circumstances arise that require the mover to be responsible for the individual’s goods beyond the time it takes the transport the items from point A to point B. when that happens, employees in the moving and storage industry always want to be sure they are adequately prepared and understand their liability.

What is “storage-in-transit?

Storage-in-transit, or SIT, refers to any situation where the mover may arrive at an individual’s new home, and for one reason or another, the person is not able to accept the delivery. This could occur for a number of reasons.

• The previous tenants have not yet vacated
• The closing was delayed
• The doors are locked and they keys cannot be located

As a mover, during SIT, the shipment can be stored at your warehouse and delivered to the new residence when the individual is ready to accept delivery. This is a service that you can charge for – but taking up the task of providing storage for a shipment comes with increased liability.

What are the movers’ responsibilities during SIT?

When you accept property for SIT, you need to be sure that the bill of lading makes note of that, as well as of the liability options you have selected. Whether you have assumed full value or released value for the transportation of the shipment will also apply to the storage you will be providing.

• SIT storage is generally limited to a period of 90 days
• At the end of the SIT period, the shipment reverts to permanent storage – and the liability changes as any claims cannot be considered part of the move

During the SIT period, the mover should notify the client, in writing, of:
• The date when stored-in-transit will convert to permanent storage
• The date the movers liability will end – for questions on that, you can always consult your movers insurance policy or the federal regulations
• The specified period of time you will hold goods in storage
• Specifically what is being held in storage
• The liability options selected

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