Changes Ahead: Hydraulic Licenses

Change is inevitable. However, being prepared for change is not always as inevitable. Without the right information and attention to detail, being blindsided by change is easy. As a business owner in the moving and storage industry, you likely spend a great deal of time focusing on any government issued changes. In Massachusetts, there are some changes ahead when it comes to licensing that could impact your business if you are not prepared!

Last week, we discussed the MA requirements for obtaining a hoisting license. Although throughout the United States, movers are required to have licenses specific to their industry, in Massachusetts, the government is making some changes to the regulations for hydraulic licensing.

What are the changes?

According to the Massachusetts Department of Public Safety and Security, the changes  to the hoisting regulations are being made to reflect changes made to the hoisting law M.G.L. 146, § 53. These changes include:

• Short- term equipment rentals
• Temporary permits for hoisting machinery
• Specific exemptions for companies operating on a public utility company or on their own property

The most important change, despite the changes to regulations, will impact your ability to obtain movers insurance. Without a proper license you cannot obtain insurance – this can impact your credibility with customers and your liability.

In Massachusetts, hoist operators that lift more than 500 lbs, where the height of the lift exceeds 10 feet, must have a hydraulic license issued by MA effective Dec 1, 2013.

The new regulations state that at that time, you will NOT need a license to operate the machinery on your own property; however, for movers, that is often not always the case. At Wolpert Insurance, we recommend you carefully review the guidelines on the Massachusetts Department of Public Safety and Security’s website and determine your company’s needs. Of course, we are happy to assist in any way we can and answer any questions!