Attention CMV Drivers: The Importance of Seatbelt Usage

Are your commercial vehicle drivers wearing safety belts? As the owner of a moving and storage company, this is a question you should constantly be asking and addressing! While it may seem childish to repeatedly remind your employees’ about the importance of seat belts, do not hesitate to do so. Those who do not buckle up may end up injured… or worse!

Luckily, your moving company insurance policy will be there to handle the finances that accidents and crashes bring your way, but it will only protect drivers so far. Your drivers must protect their own well-being by taking care of themselves, first. Here are a few reasons for safety belts to pass along to those who forget to buckle up:

•    Safety belts prevent serious injuries and fatalities.

•    In the event of a crash, a safety belt will keep the driver in place.

•    Safety belts improve your chances of escape.

•    Safety belts can help avoid serious impact of organs crashing into each other within the body.

•    Buckling up is the law! If a CMV has a seat belt installed (which it most likely does), drivers are not to drive without properly buckling up first.

At Wolpert Insurance, we do not want to see your drivers involved in any accidents. However, you cannot stop the unexpected! What you can do: pass along these crucial safety tips and of course, cover your company. If you are interested in receiving a free moving company insurance quote, contact us today. We would be happy to provide you with a variety of coverage options, including: garagekeepers coverage, auto coverage, equipment and tools coverage, workers compensation and much more.

Until then, continue to buckle up. Also, be sure to come back next week to read about a few seat belt safety myths!