There is Never a Reason to NOT Buckle Up: 9 Seat Belt Myths

As the owner of a moving and storage company, it is your duty to make sure all drivers are ready to hit the road, safely! Yes, this means having the proper auto and collision insurance policies in place, but it also means buckling up. Not only is it the law to wear your seat belt in the state of Massachusetts, but a seat belt could ultimately save your life. If anyone tries to tell you otherwise, do not fall for it! There are plenty of seat belt myths and we are here to clear them up.

Here are 9 myths:

1.    Seat belts are uncomfortable and restrict movement.

2.    Wearing a safety belt is a personal decision and doesn’t affect anyone else.

3.    Safety belts prevent your escape from a burning or submerged vehicle.

4.    It’s better to be thrown clear of the wreckage in the event of a crash.

5.    It takes too much time to fasten your safety belt 20 times a day.

6.    A large truck will protect you, making safety belts unnecessary.

7.    Safety belts aren’t necessary for low-speed driving.

8.    A lap belt offers sufficient protection.

9.    Good truck drivers don’t need to wear safety belts.

Employees who are not wearing their seat belt are not only putting their lives at risk, but even the company’s reputation. This will not go over well with a cop if your driver is pulled over!

For more information on seat belt and driving safety, you can always contact our agency. We would be happy to share our knowledge on safety pertaining to the moving and storage field. We would also be happy to discuss possible insurance needs with you. Give us a call at 508-459-4700!