Commercial Vehicle Drivers FAQ: Daily Logs & Toll Receipts

As always, our movers insurance experts believe that it is important to keep you up-to-date and familiar with industry-related news! This week, we have put together a quick Q&A session about daily logs and toll receipts.

Q1: What is “short haul” provision?

A: Short haul provision is the rule that allows drivers of non-CDL vehicles to operate within 150 air-miles of their work reporting location without having to prepare a daily log. However, there are a number of conditions to this rule, so be aware!

Q2: If my power units are equipped with GPS, is the Department of Transportation (DOT) permitted to use my GPS records to verify the accuracy of my drivers’ logs?

A: Yes they are permitted and will do so.

Q3: What others records will the DOT use during a log audit?

A: It is required that motor carriers hang on to supporting documents for at least six months. These supporting documents should be documents that can be utilized to verify the accuracy of a driver’s log.

Q4: Are owner operators required to turn in their toll receipts?

A: Yes.

Q5: If an owner operator does not turn in their toll receipts, what are the consequences from the DOT?

A: The DOT would most likely fine the company for not retaining supporting documents. This would most likely happen during an audit.

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