Key Things to Consider While Backing Up Your Moving Vehicle

As the owner of a moving and storage company, backing up large vehicles is an everyday maneuver. However, without the proper care and technique, you may find that this everyday maneuver has become an everyday hazard! While our agency is dedicated to providing insurance for moving companies, such as yourselves, we are also here to help you lower your risks and the chance of an accident, injury or claim. This week, let’s focus on the main things to consider while backing up your moving vehicle:

Here is a quick list:

•    Have you checked for any objects in your way? You should look out for: overhead power lines, poles, ladders, awnings, tree branches, pot holes, soft pavement obstacles, etc.

•    Can other traffic intrude on my lane of travel?

•    Can any pedestrians walk into my path?

•    Do I need another person to control or block traffic?

•    Will weather conditions such as ice, snow, fog or glare restrict my vision?

•    How close do I need to get?

•    Have I secured all trailer doors?

•    Have I put out the appropriate amount of cones?

•    Should this approach and delivery be abandoned?

If both you and your drivers ask yourselves these questions, you may be able to avoid the worst case scenario.

At Wolpert Insurance, we want to make sure you keep risks, injuries, accidents and claims to a minimum. We also want to make sure you are covered in the event that something DOES go wrong! This is exactly why we are dedicated to providing unique and affordable insurance for moving companies. For more information on your options or a free quote, contact us today.