Part 3: You Are Pulled Over in Your Fleet Vehicle; Now What?

All owners of moving and storage companies should be aware of the proper procedure when pulled over by an officer. That is exactly why our movers insurance experts have put together this three-part blog. If you have missed the first two portions, be sure to check out our blog and backtrack!

In the final installment of this series, we would like to discuss how you should be treating the police officer that has pulled you over. Acting out or overreacting could land you in some serious trouble!

To avoid more trouble, it is important to be respectful. Do this by:

•    Having your documentation ready

•    Addressing the individual as “officer” or “trooper”

•    Never attempting to offer gifts or bargain with the officer

•    Understanding that your stop may actually be recorded (there is audio and video equipment at times!)

•    Keeping in mind that these officials are simply doing their job to keep drivers safe

In the event that a driver is issued a ticket or violation report, it is important that he or she notifies the company immediately. It is important to follow all instructions on the paperwork!

We hope that you have enjoyed this three-part blog series and hope that in the event that you are pulled over and inspected, you are 100% ready.

Speaking of being ready… our agents believe that being prepared for the unexpected should always be a priority, especially when it comes to protection. For more information on our movers insurance program, contact us at Wolpert Insurance.

We look forward to hearing from you!