Part 2: You Are Pulled Over in Your Fleet Vehicle; Now What?

Pulled over? Uh-oh! Last week, we discussed conducting a thorough “pre-trip” inspection to make sure you are fully prepared to start a journey. This week, we have a few tips to offer for those times that you are pulled over, how to handle it and what documents will be necessary to show the officer. While our main priority is to provide insurance for moving companies, we still believe it is important to discuss important issues surrounding the moving and storage field.

First, let’s discuss what to do once you are pulled over:

The number one thing is to relax. It is important for you to safely pull over to the right side of the highway. If you feel nervous, keep in mind that if you are operating properly under the FMCSA guidelines, you should not have a problem.

Remember: NEVER get out of your truck unless you are asked to do so by the officer. Make sure you keep all hands in full view. The best position is to have both hands on the steering wheel. Any sudden movement may come off as a possible threat, so stay calm.

It is also important to be prepared by having all documentation in a safe place with easy access.

So what documentation will you need?

•    A current, valid driver’s license for the CMV being used

•    A current medical examiner’s certificate

•    Driver’s record of duty status (log)

•    A copy of the current vehicle annual inspection or annual inspection sticker on the vehicle

•    Automatic or electronic on-board recording device instruction sheets describing how to retrieve hours-of-service information

•    Bill of Lading documentation for common and for-hire carriers

•    Lease agreements, if applicable

•    Vehicle registration documentation

•    Permit credentials such as the following: base state of IRP cab card, IFTA license and decals, state authority credentials, insurance card, any necessary temporary trip permits or special permits such as oversize/overweight, hazardous materials paperwork (shipping papers, emergency response information, etc.)

At Wolpert Insurance, we want to make sure you are always prepared for the unexpected, whether that is being pulled over for a check or involved in an accident. For unexpected claims, you should have coverage in place. Our agency is dedicated to providing insurance to moving companies, such as yourself. For more information, give us a call! We would be happy to speak with you and provide you with a free quote. Be sure to come back next week for the final blog of this series: respecting the officer.