Help Moving Truck Drivers Avoid Movers Insurance Claims

Do your truck drivers understand safety? When it comes to driving moving or storage trucks, it’s necessary that your drivers maintain a great deal of safety so they’re not committing costly errors. What kind of errors could occur? For one, an accident could easily happen. If an accident happens, then the cargo you’re carrying may become damaged as well, leading to possible claims on your mover’s insurance. Thankfully, our agency is here to provide some important information all moving truck drivers should know:

Don’t tailgate: It’s important for all drivers—regardless of the vehicle—to keep a healthy distance between your vehicle and the one in front. The risk greatly supersedes the point of tailing someone. You may think you’re going faster and getting to your destination quicker, but you’re really not making that much of a difference. If the person in front were to suddenly stop short, you could cause serious damage to their rear end and to your truck as well.
Focus: Focus is a large contributor to vehicle accidents. In many cases, the driver will let his or her mind drift away from the task at hand, causing accidents that could have and should have been avoided. Also, we understand that your drivers may have cell phones and will need to be reached, but they should be dissuaded from answering them while driving.
Get the right amount of rest: Commercial drivers have regulations about the sleep needed between driving shifts. It’s important to get sleep and be well-rested because if you’re not, you won’t be in prime condition to operate a commercial vehicle.
Signals: Since you’re driving a larger vehicle than most, your signals are very important to other drivers to let them know what your actions are when it comes to turning or switching lanes. Since you have blind spots, you blinkers are your best friend and will signal drivers to either speed up or slow down to allow you to change lanes.

At Wolpert Insurance & Risk Management we want all of our clients to understand what it takes to be safe drivers on the road. For more information relating to driving moving trucks and how it relates to your moving and storage insurance, feel free to give us a call today to find out more.