Warehouse Loading Dock Safety

Is your storage warehouse concerned with safety involving your loading dock? Loading dock safety is a fundamental component of owning and operating a warehouse and if you’re not being too careful, injuries can occur to employees, leading to claims on your moving and storage insurance. Whether it’s operator error, someone falling off or a vehicle prematurely leaving the dock before it is secured, there are an array of damages that can occur. Here are some safety tips for warehouse operators to take into account:

• Paint the dock edge yellow to make the hazard visually apparent to employees.
• Require wheel chocking at every bay door. When a trailer creeps or pulls out prematurely, the lift truck may fall between the trailer and the floor which could lead to a serious injury.
• Allow only trained and authorized employees to operate hand trucks or hand jacks. These types of devices pose risks to those who don’t have much experience using this type of machinery.
• Inspect the dock area on a daily basis to make sure that fire extinguishers are not blocked or damaged.
• Make sure dock plates are designed for the loads and lift trucks that will use them.
• Clean out dock areas often to remove any debris that may have accumulated. Wood and other combustible materials may get lodged between dock plates.
• Install barriers to protect pipes or other building structures that can be struck by a lift truck or load.
• Inspect the strength and quality of the trailer floors before a lift truck is driven onto them. Also, inspect trailer wheels to make sure they are locked-in place to prevent it from tripping.

At Wolpert Insurance & Risk Management, we aim to help storage warehouse operators get the information they need in order to get the most out of their futures. For more information on warehouse loading dock safety and how injuries can affect your storage insurance, contact us today with your questions.