HHG Self-Audit List for Moving and Storage Companies, Part 1

As the owner of a moving and storage company, it is important that you are educated in all areas of this profession, from safety rules and regulations to movers insurance policies. Another area you should be familiar with: self auditing. This week, we have put together a self-auditing list for those transporting Household Goods (HHG).

Ask yourself these 10 questions for Intrastate Transportation of Household Goods:

1.    Does your tariff have a “rules” section as well as rates and charges?

2.    If “yes” to the above question, do your rules also include the terms and conditions of your HHG BOL?

3.    Have you made any changes to your rules since 2008?

4.    Do you provide less than 60 days for customers to file a claim?

5.    Do you offer shippers the opportunity to declare “Excess value(s)”?

6.    Is your offer to declare excess value based on “weight shipped” times $1.25 per pound? If yes, do you always weigh these shipments?

7.    Do you offer to provide “Storage-In-Transit” (SIT)?

8.    If “yes” to the above question, do you limit the maximum SIT period to less than 100 days?

9.    Do you provide “labor only” services?

10.    If “yes” to the above question, do you ask your customers to sign your HHG BOL?

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Be sure to come back next week when we offer a self-audit list for Warehousing / Storage of Household Goods!