ATTENTION CMV DRIVERS: Safety Tips When Backing Up, Part 1

As the owner of a moving and storage company, you should never hesitate to speak about safety and cautious driving to your commercial vehicle drivers.  Operating such a large vehicle can be a hassle sometimes, especially when backing up. Did you know that 90% of trucking incidents and crashes happen during backing maneuvers?

While having reliable movers insurance in place will make a liability claim easier to deal with, it is best to avoid a backing accident as best as possible. Drivers should have the right skills and use extra care and caution when backing. Here are 10 safety tips to consider while doing so:

1.    Perform a walk-around check.

2.    Look up, down and at fixed objects.

3.    Pay close attention to any pedestrian traffic. Make sure they are at a safe distance from your vehicle.

4.    Adjust your mirrors and check side clearances.

5.    Use your four-way flashers.

6.    Plan your course and move slowly. Going slow will keep you in control of your vehicle and allow you to gauge your distances.

7.    Constantly check all sides as you back up.

8.    Keep your eyes moving to ensure conditions have not changed since your last glance.

9.    Understand that your mirrors only show you a small portion of the total picture.

10.    For extra caution, stop 3/4 of the way, set the brake, get out and look around.

If you or your drivers are not cautious during this common maneuver, you may be facing a liability suit sooner than later. At Wolpert Insurance, we do not want to see your company struggle if this incident becomes a reality. Allow us to provide your moving and storage company with the proper movers insurance policies, from general liability to owner operator coverage.

Be sure to come back next week for more information on using cones to block off pedestrian traffic and the importance of using a spotter!