ATTENTION: New Hours of Service Rules for July 2013!

As a professional in the moving and storage company, you are aware that rules and regulations are constantly changing. Whether there are changes in your movers insurance policy or cell phone bans, your business should always be aware. At Wolpert Insurance, we like to help make that possible by keeping you updated on the latest news and changes! This time around, there will be new hours of service rules starting July 2013.

As the mandatory compliance date nears, there will be more news and guidance. However, for now it is important to be prepared for the following:

•    Drivers MUST have a minimum of 30 minutes off duty or sleeper berth break for every eight hours on the road in order to continue driving.

•    Drivers may ONLY utilize the 34 hour restart once every seven days.

•    The off duty period must include at least two periods between 1:00 am and 5:00 am home terminal time.

•    Your company will be subject to maximum federal civil penalties if drivers are driving three or more hours past the driving-time limit. This is considered a violation.

For more important news and updates for your company and drivers, be sure to visit the Fleet Safety page.

Those who are concerned about their coverage can turn to us at Wolpert Insurance. It is just as important to be protected as it is to be aware of new rules and regulations. We would be happy to discuss the movers insurance options we can offer your moving and storage company, whether you are looking for warehouse legal insurance, motor truck cargo, general liability, umbrella insurance or all of the above!