Attention CMV Drivers: Ban on Hand Held Cellular Phones

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation FMCSA, a new ban on hand held cellular phones has been in effect since January 3, 2012. If you are the owner of a moving and storage company, we believe that it is important to be aware of this new ban! As a result, we have put together a few FAQ’s that may be helpful for you to look over. Besides offering reliable insurance for moving and storage companies, we also feel the need to provide both you and your employees with the latest news in order to keep you safe out on the road.

The U.S. Department of Transportation FMCSA offers a variety of FAQ’s and answers. We picked out some of the most important ones for your business to know:

Q: Are CMV drivers allowed to use push-to-talk mobile communications equipment while driving?

A: CMV drivers are allowed to do so, but only if the driver does not reach for, dial, or hold the actual mobile telephone in his or her hand while driving. The driver MUST be able to reach and touch the button needed to operate this feature from their normal seated position, with their seatbelt on.

Q: Are holders of a CDL license subject to this regulation only while driving a CMV or any vehicle?

A: CDL holders are subject to the Federal rule while driving a CMV only.

Q: What drivers are covered by the Federal rule?

A: According to the FMCSA website, “Drivers of CMVs in interstate commerce and drivers who operate a vehicle that is transportation an abundance of hazardous material requiring placarding under 49 CFR Part 172 or any quantity of material listed as a select agent or toxin in 42 CFR part 73 are covered by the Federal rule.”

Q: Can you dial a phone number under this rule?

A: No; dialing a hand held mobile phone while driving a CMV in interstate commerce is strictly prohibited by this rule.

For the full list of questions and answers, feel free to check out the list on the U.S. Department of Transportation FMCSA website.

All of us at Wolpert Insurance hope that you have found these FAQ’s helpful! We are dedicated to making sure both you and your drivers are safe and protected while out on the road. Allow us to further protect your business with our insurance for moving and storage companies. Such a specific business deserves special coverage, which is what we have to offer. New England movers insurance coverage can include: general liability, motor truck cargo, warehouse legal liability, workers compensation and much more. Contact us for a free quote today!