What You Should Know About the Fatigued Driving (HOS) BASIC, Part 2

Last week, our blog discussed the new changes and updates that the Fatigued Driving (HOS) BASIC factsheet went through. Ultimately, these changes were designed to better educate motor carriers and commercial motor vehicle drivers, much like yourself. As a moving and storage company, it is important to stay on top of this sort of news. Luckily, you have our insurance experts and blog to turn to for these updates; whether the updates relate to DOT policies or changes in your movers insurance policy. We believe the protection and safety of your drivers is important!

This week, we will discuss how your company and other motor carriers and drivers should improve safety performance in the Fatigued Driving (HOS) BASIC. If both you and your employees are not aware of these techniques, you may find your company lagging behind. In order to comply with the updated rules and regulations, drivers and motor carriers should follow the procedures defined below.

•    According to Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), it is important for drivers to “understand the importance of keeping their records of duty status (RODS) accurate, current and complete. As an employer, it is your responsibility to let your employee know how many hours they can legally drive before breaking HOS (Hours of Service) rules.”

•    Drivers must understand how the lack of sleep will negatively affect their ability to drive safely.

•    The FMCSA states that it is also important for employers to “identify patterns of noncompliance in their drivers and educate them on the regulations and importance of complying with them.”

•    Employers should always be aware of how long drivers have been operating on the road.

•    Employers should always answer any questions drivers’ may have about regulations and direct them to the proper websites for more information (FMCSA and CSA websites).

•    Moving and storage companies should be aware that any violations of these regulations will have a negative effect on a motor carrier’s SMS data for 24 months.

At Wolpert Insurance, we do not want to see your business struggle because of a simple mistake! As a result, we are here to provide comprehensive and affordable movers insurance. We can supply your business with protection for motor truck cargo, automobile liability, warehouse liability and much more. Feel free to contact us for a free quote!

For more information on the updated Fatigued Driving (HOS) BASIC, or for help in these areas you can turn to Fleet Safety Services.