Bill of Lading 101 for Moving & Storage Companies

As a moving and storage company, you should be familiar with the
phrase “bill of lading” by now, specifically household goods bill of
lading (HHG BOL). For those who are not familiar, have no fear. At
Wolpert insurance, we offer much more than just insurance for moving and storage companies. We offer great advice and useful information for professionals. Let’s start with Bill of Lading 101.

The b.o.l. serves three purposes:

1.    A receipt issued to the shipper for property received for transportation.

2.    When combined with the applicable tariff, it is the contract of carriage.

3.    It serves as documentary evidence of rightful possession of another’s property.

This is a critical document for moving and storage companies. A bill
of lading will establish receipts of shipment by the carrier and
document the terms and conditions under which the carrier’s provide
documented services. Not having a b.o.l. in place or attached will not
only look unprofessional, but may land you in trouble.

Speaking of staying out of trouble, it is also crucial for your company to be protected with movers insurance.
This is just as important as a b.o.l. and should always be in place to
avoid unnecessary accident costs, lawsuits and damages. Be sure to speak
with us at Wolpert Insurance for a free quote today!