The 411 on a Household Goods Bill of Lading

As a moving and storage company, you understand how important it is to
protect yourself. One way to accomplish this is by looking into reliable
movers insurance. Another way is to make sure your company is using
bill of ladings. In the last post, we established the purpose of a
b.o.l. and discussed the importance of a household goods bill of lading
when it comes to moving and storage companies. Besides the three
purposes previously mentioned in the last post, the HHG BOL should also
accomplish another important task:

Incorporate the Carrier’s Tariff by Reference

This is crucial. In order to do so, the HHG BOL should contain wording along the lines of “Received subject to and in accordance with the rules, regulations and charges as contained in the tariff on file with the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities and the terms and conditions on the bill of lading shown on the back…” etc. If you do not specify, it would be up to the court to decide what terms and conditions apply. It is important to be specific and make sure you have everything written down!

As you can see, a HHG BOL is important for moving and storage companies to have a good grasp on. Without it, companies could be facing an issue or even a lawsuit.

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