What Is A Moving Tariff?

Running a successful business is all about following the rules, isn’t it? When you are in the moving and storage industry it sure is! In this business, people trust you with a lot – all of their personal possessions to be exact. So when individuals make the decision to move, they typically do their research first. In order to make it easier to compare reputable companies, the federal government has placed many regulations on moving companies.

We’ve talked in depth about the Bill of Lading required in order to transport any materials, and the importance of having adequate movers insurance to protect your liability. We’ve even talked about the various shipping codes the Federal government has in place. But what about the price your charge for your services?

This is where the moving tariff comes into play.

The moving company tariff is:
• Protection for both customers and businesses
• A list of every charge any mover can charge a customer for services rendered

At minimum, a moving company tariff must include:
1. An accurate description of your services
2. The specific rates you charge and how they are calculated
3. Rates that the customer may incur for any shipment

Your moving tariff should be clear enough that the customer can understand every aspect of the move – from the price of each box to the cost of unpacking those boxes at the end of the move.

Although they are typically digital, you must have your moving tariff available for any customer who requests to see it. You can also include a section outlining the moving company’s liability – which is a benefit for everyone involved. This section can describe what you are and are not responsible for and the limits for filing claims.

In Massachusetts, The Department of Public Utilities regulates household moves – and requires all movers in the state to be responsible for the published rates and policies set forth in the Moving Tariff. This makes this document extremely important to the success of your business. At Wolpert Insurance, we are your moving and storage experts. If you need help with your moving company tariff, all you have to do is give us a shout and we’ll certainly help you out!