10 Tips to Ensure a Safe Backing Procedure

Are you aware that about 90% of trucking incidents and crashes occur during backing maneuvers? It’s true! As the owner of a moving and storage business, you bear the responsibility of training all company drivers in order to prevent this type of accident from happening. It is crucial to provide training and backing up safety tips to drivers who will be operating such large vehicles, especially since he or she will be backing up 50% of the time.


Here are 10 safety tips that should be included in your training for a safe and effective backing procedure.

1.    Always perform a walk-around check before making any moves
2.    Look up, down and at fixed objects
3.    Adjust your mirrors properly and check side clearances
4.    Understand that mirrors only show a small portion of the total picture – do not depend entirely on them!
5.    Use your four-way flashers
6.    Keep a close eye on pedestrian traffic in the area and around your vehicle
7.    Plan your course and move slowly in order to stay in control of your vehicle and gauge your distance
8.    Continue to check all sides as you back up
9.    Keep your eyes peeled and moving to ensure conditions have not changed since your last glance
10.    Stop half-way through your maneuver, set the brake, get out, and look around to be extra cautious
Without a safe backing procedure in place, your drivers and the business may be facing a lawsuit much sooner than later. Luckily, our agents at Wolpert Insurance are here to provide your moving and storage business with back-up protection, as well (no pun intended!) Feel free to contact us for more information on our movers insurance options, from automobile liability to warehouse liability.