CMV Driver Qualifications: What Needs to Be in Your File

Welcome back! Over the past few weeks, our agency has focused on CMV driver qualifications and disqualifications. As the owner of a moving and storage company, it is important to be aware of such things. Last week, we went over the penalties that your drivers would face if he or she were found with drugs or alcohol on them or the use of either. This week, we would like to focus on the things that must be in a CMV driver’s file. Without these items, your drivers would not be able to operate your vehicles.

Every motor carrier must have a file for each regularly employed driver that should include:

•    Driver’s application for employment

•    Inquiry to previous employers – 3 years

•    Inquiry to state agencies – 3 years

•    Inquiry to state agencies – annual

•    Annual review of driving record

•    Annual driver’s certification of violations

•    Driver’s road test certificate or equivalent

•    Medical examiner’s certificate

The last thing you want is to find your company in trouble because your CMV driver’s do not have a file including the above items.

At Wolpert Insurance, our goal is to make sure your company is aware of such rules and regulations to stay out of trouble. We are also here to provide you with affordable and comprehensive movers insurance to help you deal with the unexpected issues and financial woes. For more information, contact our experts by calling 508-459-4700 or visit our website to fill out the free quote form!