Set Your Rules: Your Tariff Should Address the Following Items

If you are the owner of a moving and storage company, you know you have a unique set of responsibilities. Your job description is filled with a variety of duties, from training drivers and employees to choosing reliable movers insurance to putting together tariff rules.

Speaking of tariff rules, have you already put together a rules section? Having a set of rules accompanying your schedule of rates and charges is important; if you have no rules, you may find yourself in legal trouble down the line.

Your tariff rules and rates should comply with MDPU format rules published in Code of Massachusetts Regulations (CMR), title 220 CMR section 260. Your tariff SHOULD address the following (at least):

•    Application of Tariff

•    Advancing charges or fees on behalf of the customer

•    Binding estimate

•    Complete article

•    Declaration of value

•    Perishable articles

•    Waiting time

•    Inspection of articles

•    Claims for loss or damage

•    Exclusive use of vehicle

•    Depreciation

•    Articles of extraordinary value

•    Declaration of excess value

•    Transport of frozen foods

•    Required written declaration of explosive and dangerous articles

•    Hoisting or lowering

•    Movers insurance coverage

•    Dismantling and reassembly of articles

•    Pick up from or delivery to warehouse

•    Bill of lading terms and conditions

•    Dangerous articles that you will not accept for transportation

•    Computing time

•    Impractical or impossible operation, pick up, delivery of or auxiliary services

•    Furnishing of helpers

•    Minimum charges

•    Estimates, required to be written

•    Inventory rejected by shipper

•    Articles likely to damage carrier’s equipment

•    Articles likely to injure carrier’s personnel or property of other customers

•    Listing and explanation of holidays

•    Limitation of carrier’s liability

•    Special servicing of property

•    Making or tagging articles, items or boxes

•    Property subject to bill of lading

•    And much more…

Without these rules, you may find yourself in trouble if a lawsuit or issue should arise. Do you really want a judge to decide what the rules are? We didn’t think so!

At Wolpert Insurance, we want to make sure you are protected from legal issues. Be sure to grab a free movers insurance quote from us. We can provide your company with protection such as general liability, warehouse legal liability, workers compensation, umbrella insurance and much more!