Warehouse Legal Liability & Your Movers Insurance Coverage

As the owner of a moving company, you have many responsibilities to watch over. Although it is important to focus on your commercial vehicles, it is also crucial not to forget about your warehouse. If you don’t take care of your storage units – and the valuables inside – you can be setting yourself up for liability losses; guaranteed to affect your reputation and movers insurance premiums.

Warehouseman’s legal liability coverage was developed to insure you as the warehouser against loss or damage to the property and goods stored on behalf of others. While in your care, you may be responsible for any harm caused to the personal items left in your custody and control – making your attention to detail more important than ever.

As a warehouseman it’s important that you take your liability seriously. Consider the potential risk exposures. While shifting boxes and storage units, your forklift operator may experience a blind spot, causing him to knock into nearby packing units. The force of the impact cracks the unit, damaging some of the delicate goods inside. Are you prepared to claim responsibility? Could you financially handle a lawsuit?

If a claim was to result, your insurance provider has the ability to investigate the reported loss or damage. As the warehouse owner, if you are legally liable for loss or damage your policy will respond and defend and pay settlements with the limits purchased.

And what if your storage company is sued for something that is not your fault, like a fire caused from lightning? With a warehouse legal liability policy, defense costs related to the suit can also be covered if your particular policy includes a “duty to defend”.

All in all, it’s crucial that as a warehouse owner you protect your business reputation by making your liability risks a top concern. At Wolpert Insurance, we offer a unique variety of safety, compliance, and risk management tools to enable you to run your business safer and be more profitable. Interested in learning more about our movers insurance coverage? Contact Wolpert Insurance today for a free movers insurance quote!