Commercial Trucking Q&A: Tariffs

Owning and operating your own moving and storage is unlike a number of other businesses involving commercial trucking. Your coverage needs alone, differ from that of standard truckers. Additionally, there are particular aspects of your business that you are required to maintain, including tariffs.

Q: As the owner of a moving company, what should I know about tariffs and is there any further protection I should have within my moving company insurance policy?

A: This is a common question within your industry. At Wolpert Insurance, we want to clarify that insurance for moving companies is different than coverage commonly secured for other commercial trucking enterprises. Moving trucks often sit at one or two locations, while commercial trucks are constantly moving.

Therefore, you will not be paying the same insurance rates for your trucks as other companies. As moving & storage insurance experts, we’ll work with your transportation attorneys, design paperwork, including Bills of Lading, Warehouse Receipts, and Tariffs, to support your operations.

A tariff is an issuance, in whole or part, which you as the mover are required to have on file with the federal government’s Surface Transportation Board. It contains rates, rules, regulations, classifications, and other provisions related to the services you provide to your customers.

Your mover’s tariff is required to contain three items: 1. An accurate description of the services you offer as a mover to the public 2. The specific applicable rates and terms for available services 3. A format that allows customers to determine exact rates and service terms for a shipment

Also, every section of the tariff should clearly describe each type of service that a move may require and the charges that may apply. Tariffs are made a part of the bill of lading between you and the customer. As with any contract, it is important that your client understands what he/she is buying and how the charges will be made.

In the moving industry today, most tariffs are electronically managed. The mover simply enters information in about a specific move, such as weight, packing services, third party charges, and any other applicable services. The mover can then create a complete listing of the estimated charges based on their published tariff.

We take pride in our ability to craft superior insurance for moving companies. We have a specialized program that offers superior coverage, exceptional pricing, and first-class customer service. Interested in learning more? Contact the coverage experts at Wolpert Insurance to discover your specialized options today!