Moving Expense Bills

Running a successful business means paying attention to detail. In the moving and storage industry, there sure are a lot of details to pay attention to aren’t there? While surely you can think of a surprisingly long list of important things to check not once, but twice, we argue that your paperwork – bills of lading, expense bills and even receipts and quotes – are the most important thing to pay attention to.

The U.S. Department of Transportation has strict regulations when it comes to the legal liability of moving companies as they carry out their services. We’ve recently gone over the different types of quotes which are legally acceptable as well as the requirements for an accurate bill of lading, but one thing we haven’t talked about is expense bills.

Any carrier providing transportation or storage service of goods must issue a receipt for property it receives.

Without proper documentation, your movers insurance won’t even be able to protect you from costly liability claims that may occur as a result of any transaction your business makes.

What Should An Expense Bill Entail?

An easy way to handle this requirement is to issue expense bills for all of your transactions. Fortunately, the Department of Transportation makes it easy to comply – they offer all of the information you should include.

  1. Date of shipment
  2. Names of cosigner and consignee
  3. Number of packages being shipped
  4. An accurate description of the freight – including weight, volume and measurement
  5. The rates you have quoted and assessed
  6. Total charges due upon completion of transaction
  7. Transfer points and route of movement
  8. Address where recipient’s shipment will be delivered

This expense bill should be agreed upon and shared BEFORE the shipment takes place. Prior to payment, a receipted copy should be given.

It is good practice to keep a copy of all expense bills – this will help you to avoid any false claims or disputes about payment or services. At Wolpert Insurance, your best interest is our priority. Should you ever have to deal with any disputes regarding a documented expense bill, we are always willing to help. Remember, keeping accurate and detailed records will always help you in the long run!